Thanks to your amazing generosity. We have now reached our target.

We've Done It!

Back in October last year, we set ourselves a scary target of £70k to fund Johnny’s operation, orthopaedic surgery, flights and accommodation in America, intensive physiotherapy for 2 years after the operation and a follow-up visit to the team.We explained that we were trying not to think of it as two people raising £70k but 70 people trying to raise £1k each…

In our wildest imagination, we could never have imagined the response we’ve had... We have been humbled by the kindness and generosity of our friends, family and absolute strangers in getting us to our target. In difficult times, you’ve been so, so generous and Mark and I would like to thank everyone for your words of encouragement and support as well as your donations.

We will be going to America in the school holidays and look forward to sharing Johnny’s progress with you. We will be posting updates on Johnny’s Facebook page “Help Johnny Walk” so do please keep in touch.

In the meantime, I have removed details of how to donate. We are extremely lucky to have reached our target and other than a few events that were already scheduled, we are no longer asking for your support either in new donations or with additional fundraising events.

However, if Johnny’s story has touched you and you were considering helping, could I finish by please asking you to consider donating to another child in need? Tree of Hope continue to support the many parents looking to fundraise for SDR surgery and you can find other children just like Johnny here:

Thank you.

Joanna Pantry

10th March 2013

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