Thank You

  • Our first thank you is to our talented and kind friend Richard Jones who designed and set up this website. Thank you Richard.
    E-mail him on or check out his company on if you're looking to set up or re-design a website

Otherwise, we have been absolutely amazed by the response to Johnny's campaign and in no particular order, we'd like to say thank you to:

  • The wonderful Neale and Anne at the Grasshopper on the Green, Westerham and all their regulars. A golf day, fines, collections on the bar, Johnny's eggs and a raffle have resulted in an amazing £4,130
  • All the supportive parents and plus the Head & teachers at Johnny's school, Riverhead Infants. Outstanding in every way: collections during Christmas plays resulted in £990
  • Special thanks to the mums / dads / children in Johnny's class. Your support and friendship to Johnny and us is so much appreciated. You really have become our Johnny army
  • The inspirational Gavin Rees. His idea to set up a Thames walk - Riverhead Ramblers - has so far resulted in over £11k of donations and the figure is still rising. Gavin you're a legend. Thank you
  • "Wing Commander" Nigel Boone agreed to have his long-standing moustache shaved off with custard and donate all proceeds to Johnny's fund. Nigel you're brilliant
  • The Westerham Town Partnership & friends - thank you to all those volunteering to help Johnny's fund in the twice-monthly farmer's market
  • Mr Wiltshire - the Head at Amherst School - got the school behind us and the children running a Santa Jog - which raised a princely £529.44. Thank you children!
  • Fellow employees at Lactalis McLelland - lots of different initiatives - dress down days / raffles / auctions have resulted in over £500 towards the fund
  • The 3rd Sevenoaks Scouts - thank you for your donation of £76.55
  • The congregation of St. Mary's Church, Riverhead
  • The Crofton Youth Singers - we were delighted to receive your donation of £300
  • Heidi & Paul Kitchen and Mrs Lynne Sculpher - thanks for involving your churches and being so kind for thinking of us
  • Fi Fleetham & Paula Hatfield for all your hard work organising the Valentine's disco. You guys did such a wonderful job, it was such a fun night and together with other mums who sold / bought raffle tickets, you raised £3671.60.
  • All of the 150+ people who have taken time to donate to us online via JustGiving. We're so very, very touched

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